Ordering and benefits

There are many benefits of using Dineapple QR, of which some prominent ones are:
  • Save money and save the planet by avoiding printing of menu cards or supplying tablets.
  • You might add new or remove existing items. Traditional printed menus cannot be amended dynamically. Only electronic menus can accommodate such needs.
  • Guest can avoid interaction with staff while browsing real time menu and placing orders
  • Guest does not have to download any application; instead, can place order from his or her mobile phone without having to touch a menu card or use a tablet placed by the restaurant.
  • Rich multimedia can enhance the power of presenting items
Ideally yes. But once you place order for the first one, we would create an account for you through which you can order for the second. Each restaurant requires a setup to be done in the system, which makes it inevitable to make new order.
As of now, online payment for Dineapple setup is not available, but will be added very soon.

Setup, Operational & Management

Dineapple is extremely easy to start functioning. Your system will be ready within 1 hour; but remember you will need to ensure that all your menu items and multimedia assets are loaded on the system.
As the formats can differ, we will assist you with the import process as much as we can.
Absolutely no. You can create as many QR Codes that you might want to add.
Yes, multimedia is a specialty of Dineapple. You can add multiple images including YouTube links of your videos into the system. They are a good way to promote the item.
Yes, the guests can post feedback on the item and experience. They can also make a review. However, this feature can be enabled or disabled by the owner.
Yes, this is a feature that you can disable and enable when needed.
Though we can get online translators, it is often good to get professional translations done and uploaded into the system. You do not have to create all the items but can add extra language descriptors to the items.
Yes, Dineapple takes orders from anyone ordering from a table, but all the guests can see what is ordered consolidated for the table for that session.
Yes, Dineapple logs all of them,
Table booking is one of the modules of Dineapple. You can request and activate this feature if you need.
Yes, the Dineapple back-end interface will show customer feedback, which you can filter and make systematic actions against each.
Yes, feedback collection is a feature that can be enabled or disabled as per your need.
No, Dineapple will not be sharing any data.
Yes, Dineapple complies to GDPR regulations.
Yes, this possible. Please contact our sales team to activate it for you.
The URL generated is a temporary one and cannot be used.
Yes, the QR Code embeds the table information.
Yes, Dineapple allows you to order online.
You may subscribe to the Data Management tool which can be provided at an extra cost. This tool will provide you with template management, dispatch, and reporting, all connecting to the same data system.
This is a feature that will be available soon on Dineapple.
The back-end system handling this feature is self-explanatory.
Yes, this is one of the features of Dineapple.
Yes, we can provision this.
Yes, possible.
Dineapple can identify a returning guest if the guest is registered once with his or her phone or email.
This is a feature which will be available in the next release.


Yes, you can decide the categorization of your items.
Basic template adaptation is possible with using your logo and some minimal elements. However, if you need deeper customization, we can do it for an additional cost.
Yes, you can.
This is possible.
The form is adapted from an Industry standard and works in conjunction with the analytics too. However, if you need customization on this, we can do it for an additional cost.

Training & Post-Sales Support

Yes, we provide online support. We will be posting help documents and videos very soon.
We can provide special training for limited hours at an extra cost.